About Me

Picture of Wendy from elite like you

Hi There, I’m Wendy!

I am passionate about helping women meet their full potential and become Elite!


I have worked as a clinical social worker for over 16 years and I have a passion for helping women meet their unrealized talents and goals.


I am a 1st generation Latina and an Ivy League graduate, who overcame what seemed like the impossible to become who I am today.

 I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls, and married to the most amazing man!


 I think there is nothing more powerful than women coming together for a common cause,  and being Elite in their own right!

 Now, being Elite does not mean you have to have money, power, or status (even though I won’t hate it if you do) I am here to help everyone become Elite in their own way.


We can come together as a community to share ideas and strategies that can help us all!


Show us what makes you ELITE. Is it your ability to create an awesome meal, score an all-time high GPA in school, write strings of code, or be a wonderful mom?


In this blog, I will be discussing anything and everything that affects women, specifically mental health, mindfulness and lifestyle.


Let’s strive to become the best image of ourselves!!!


Join Me!