Are You Addicted To Anger: 4 Ways to Cope!!!

by | Jul 18, 2022

We all have our bad days where nothing appears to go right and we overreact, however, are you addicted to anger?

You get angry, you may yell, cry, or scream but eventually, you get over it and move on. 

However, did you know if you continuously keep having these negative emotions, you may be addicted to the DRAMA?

Are you angry so often it almost feels like a habit or something you do every few days?

*However, addiction to anger should not be confused with someone having a mental illness.

There is actually a scientific reason for your addiction to negative emotions. Heck, I feel like I may have this at times as well.

So,  Here is The Science of Anger……

Your body releases adrenaline when you have a negative emotion, such as becoming angry, upset, or mad. This adrenaline gives the body the feeling of having amphetamines(a drug that makes you more alert and moves faster) and analgesics (a pain relieving medicine).

You will also notice a surge of energy and a lack of pain! so- anger may actually make you feel good temporarily.

There Is Always A Crash!

Some people get stuck in an addictive trap. They may need anger to escape feelings of depression; now anger becomes a way to cope with everyday emotions.

The Brain Will Look For Excuses To Get Angry- Say What?!

Like any other addiction, the brain will look for excuses to get angry and to get another hit of adrenaline. -Crazy Right?!

If you have multiple angry outbursts in a week that last more than a few minutes you may be stuck in an anger addiction trap.

See the Video below if you want to learn a bit more about anger addiction…

However, hope is not lost. Below are a few tips that could help you deal with your constant state of anger/rage:

Girl Smiling
  • Mindfulness/Meditation– Meditation and mindfulness help you to delve deep into your own thoughts and feelings- this will help you determine where your feelings of anger and rage originate from. This quiet time will also help you develop better-coping techniques. Being alone with your own thoughts has incredible healing properties.
  • Breathing Exercises– Breathing has been known to calm even the most out-of-control angry outbursts. Remove yourself from anything that may be angering you. Take deep breaths followed by complete exhalation of your lungs- do this about 10 0r 15 times. This technique helps send more oxygen to your brain so you can think more clearly. We all need this every once in a while. There are numerous apps available that support you with this technique. Click HERE for one.
  • Physical Exercise– The body inherently needs to move. Have you ever finished an exercise routine and felt wonderful afterward? Exercise releases chemicals in the brain that help alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression- which can be the cause of your episodes of anger.
  • Individual Therapy– Sometimes, we have dealt with so much trauma that the suggestions above can not be beneficial without talking to a licensed professional. Talking out your feelings of anger/rage and past traumas will help you deal with them so you can move on to a peaceful new existence.

For more resources Click Here, Here, and Here 🙂

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