7 Steps To Being The Best YOU In 2022!

by | Dec 13, 2021

(EliteLikeYou) What have you done for yourself lately? This is a hard question for many of us to answer. Women are inherently nurturing, which means we take care of everyone else and forget about ourselves. 

Like many of you, I have done this too many times to count. For example, being a good mother, wife, and professional means giving up on yourself and trying to balance being SUPERWOMAN.

Who Are You?

One day, I looked at myself and said “what is going on here? Who the heck am I? I had lost vision of who I was.

My life was a barrage of motherly responsibilities, work deadlines, and wifely duties. I was burned out.

When did you realize you were overworked, underpaid, and feeling like a complete mess? 

Did you almost have a nervous breakdown? Did you eat an entire pint of ice cream and then regret it, or was it when you realized you were sad and depressed?

Trust me, we have all been there.

Do you dream of going back to the glory days when you knew what you wanted, how you wanted it, and never took NO for an answer?

When you had aspirations and goals. 

Where did that all go? When did you become a shell of who you used to be?

You don’t lose it all at once, it’s a slow trickle. Before you know it you barely recognize yourself. 

So, what can you do about this? How do we start off 2022 strong and dedicated to being the best YOU can be?

Here are 7 steps to being the best YOU in 2022!!!

Step 1- Love YOU

Every morning when you get up say “I love you” in the mirror. I know it sounds silly but we have to get our minds used to giving to ourselves. Start by accepting that you deserve to be loved, even if it just starts with you. You have to re-train your brain to love YOU.

Step 2- Meditate

Meditation can be hard for some people (including me) but there is something magical about taking time for yourself and just being calm. You don’t have to completely quiet your mind but be at peace in a place YOU LOVE.

Step 3- Pamper YOU

When was the last time you got your nails done or styled your hair? For me, giving to myself was incredibly difficult. Why? I think it goes back to making yourself a priority. Train yourself to do things for YOU. It does not have to cost much. Take a warm bubble bath, get a 15-minute massage, read a scandalous book, or go all out and do all 3! 

Step 4- Buy For YOU

As a mom, whenever I go to a store with the intention to buy something for myself,  I gravitate towards the kid’s section. Before I know it,  I am knee-deep in kid’s leggings and completely forgot what I went in for. If this happens to YOU,  refocus and buy yourself something nice. Focus on YOU.

Step 5- Try New Things

Being alive means trying new and exciting things. Remember, when life was exciting? My 60-year-old mother-in-law just jumped out of a plane, and I finally learned to swim. I cannot tell you the freedom you feel when you accomplish something you have stopped yourself from doing for so long. YOU will feel ALIVE. 

Have you always wanted to take a pottery class? Go for it! Have you wanted to be a singer, start with Karaoke night. 

There is something so freeing when you are doing something YOU have never done! Please let me know in the comments what you will try, I would love to hear and maybe you will motivate me to try your new thing!

Step 6- Connect with Others 

When was the last time you had a girl’s night? There is something to be said about hanging out with other women and just talking about your goals and aspirations. Yeah- we also complain a bit, but it’s all about connecting with other people and finding common interests and support. At the end of your time together,  you will feel a weight lifted and rejuvenated!

Step 7-Sleep Routine

Before you dose off to sleep at night, think of all the ways you loved yourself today and the many amazing things you were able to accomplish. Remember, this is not about quantity but quality. What made you feel good today? How did YOU love YOU? Enjoy the process and everything 2022 has to offer YOU!

Please add comments below I would love to hear how 2022 has been going for YOU.

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  1. Gab

    This is so helpful, thank you!

  2. Janeen

    This just spoke to my soul. Self~Love is the best love and prioritizing our needs is a necessity, not an option. As you clearly stated, we give so much of ourselves and end up losing ourselves. Thank you for sharing these steps, I personally practice many myself.


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