How to Deal With Anger in a Healthy Way

by | Mar 28, 2022

(EliteLikeYou) As many of you are aware, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock During the Oscars.


How is someone who is so poised, intelligent, and a talented author let his emotions (whether valid or not) get so out of control that he resorted to violence?

Ladies, we have all been angry from time to time, this is completely normal. How you deal with it is what truly matters.

The woman in the office who takes about you. Your husband who is not appreciating you, or a family member who constantly judges you.

The issue is when you let your emotions and your anger get so out of control that you hurt yourself, or someone else.

As I saw the Will Smith Story Break This Morning, I Wanted To Give a Few Tips To Help You Deal With Anger:

  • Breathe- When we are angry or very upset or Fight or Flight response is engaged. Breathing deeply and calming the body, will help bring more oxygen to your brain and help you relax. This will help you think more clearly.
  • Take a Time Out- Take a break and find a quiet place where you can focus your thoughts and put things in perspective.
  • Victim of Drama Mind- If you always seem to get mad at the same things (for example traffic), find a way to limit those triggers and deal with them in a more productive way.
  • Be Mindful of Your Body- When we are tired, hungry, or in a PMS/PMDD state, we are more likely to get bothered by things that we would usually not care about. Know your triggers and you can avoid an angry outburst.
  • Talk It Out- Find a family member, a friend, or a professional who can help you deal with your anger issues. Speaking to someone can help you release your feelings and feel better.

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