PMDD Cures: See What Could Change Your Life!

by | Apr 4, 2022

In my last blog post, “PMDD: Is There a Way Out of the Cycle?”, I discussed the signs and symptoms of having PMDD. I also discussed my personal experience with this monthly struggle. 

However, I wanted to provide some support to the millions of women, who like me, have dealt with this day in and day out. I will talk about what worked for me and what could possibly work for you!

These PMDD tips helped me improve my symptoms and cope in a more productive way.

As I have been dealing with this for many years, I have first-hand knowledge of things that have been amazing and others that have been a waste of time. 

Below are the PMDD strategies that worked best for me…

PMDD Tip 1: Have Your Blood Checked. PMDD can be miss diagnosed and can appear to be many different things such as a vitamin deficiency. Have a full blood panel done to determine if all your other systems are correcting properly.

PMDD Tip 2: Take Your Vitamins: If you do have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, make sure that it is under control before you determine whether PMDD is your issue.

Even if you don’t have a vitamin deficiency, you should always make sure you take a high-quality multivitamin and probiotic to ensure your body is functioning at its best.

PMDD Tip 3: Track Your Periods- Use a period tracking app to help you determine your period, but most importantly, when you feel the shift in your moods. Make sure you document this for 3 months to ensure it is a consistent pattern. Here are a few good tracking apps:

If you are wondering if you have PMDD you should focus on the time called the Luteal Phase which is usually Day 15-Day 28 of your cycle. 

PMDD Tip 4: Track your Foods- For many people with PMDD (including me) foods such as sugar and coffee which cause a significant stimulating effect on the body, they can cause a person with PMDD to have more severe moods before their period.

See what happens when you eliminate ONE of these foods and determine if your PMDD symptoms improve. 

Remember, to use your tracker to write down notes to keep track of how you feel...

PMDD Tip 5: Get Moving- PMDD  symptoms are alleviated by exercise. Exercise increases endorphins and the feel-good chemical. Moving your body can help you feel better and help you deal with severe mood swings. If you know you are tired before or during your period, exercise other times during the month.

PMDD Tip 6: Know When You Need a Break- During the Luteal phase we are more likely to get frustrated, angry, and stressed. Save really stressful situations (if you can), for other times of the month.

This Helped Me The Most!

PMDD Tip 7: Think About Homeopathic alternatives- Recent studies, have shown that PMDD symptoms have been significantly reduced by taking CBD oils. I can speak to this fact, CBD Oil has had a significant positive impact on my PMDD symptoms. It has lessened the severity of mood swings and irritability. 

Due to my body’s sensitivity, I have chosen oil with non-psychoactive effects (Does not make you high or contain anything that will). 

The CBD oil I use is Helpfusion. Their products are organic and go through a very strict purification process. The Hempfusion products are so effective that they have been used in clinical Studies at NYC Mount Sinai Medical Hospital.

The tips above are based on my experiences and not a recommendation on what you should do. Please consult your doctor before you take any medications or change your medical regimen.

If you want more info on PMDD, check out my other blog post HERE.

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