Why Plants Are Good For Your Health

by | Oct 23, 2022

We all know the benefits of plants and trees on the environment, but did you know having plants indoors could also benefit your health and mood?!

Did you know that having plants in your home actually cleans the air and helps to eliminate toxins? I sure didn’t.

I’ve Never Had a Green Thumb

Historically,  I have never had a green thumb. Actually, I could not keep my plants from dying. But, after learning from my mother and my husband about the benefits of owning plants, and how they could benefit my health, (they are excellent at growing things, ugh) I realized this was something I needed to learn more about!

In the winter months,  we are more prone to having our windows closed and the heat on full blast (especially if you live in the northeast). For months at a time, we rarely open the windows to let fresh air in. 

Exhaust from furnaces and off-gasses from things like rugs and furniture can cause the air in our homes to be less than ideal.

This is where owning and indoor plant can benefit you.

How Indoor Plants Benefit YOU…

Plants can actually improve the indoor air in your home! ( for Free!)

  • Aid In Healing- Kansas State University conducted a study in which they determined that indoor house plants improve your blood pressure, decrease feelings of anxiety, and improve the healing time of wounds, Wow! 
  • Absorb ToxinsPlants help absorb toxins in your homes, such as carbon dioxide, and low levels of toxins like formaldehyde.
  • Filters MicrobesIndoor plants can decrease airborne microbes such as mold spores and bacteria. If you have allergies this could be beneficial for you!

Which Plants Should I Buy?

Not all plants are created equal. Here are 5 plants that can provide substantial benefit and are easy to care for!

Spider Plant Photo by Sasha Kim/Pexels

Spider Plant 

  • Studies show spider plants reduce anxiety, depression, and blood pressure
  • Best plant for purifying the air
  • Will help you breathe easier, especially if iplaced in the bedroom
  • Easy to Maintain: Low light – can be in white indirect light
  • Safe to have around pets
  • Buy Here or Buy Here

Pothos Plant. Photo by Tara Winstead/ Pexels

Pothos or Water Plant  

  • Cleans the air removing formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide
  • Eliminates indoor odors
  • Pothos plants can help with eye irritation from excessive screen use or allergens
  • Easy to Maintain: Low watering- low maintenance
  • Buy Here

Fern Plant. Photo by Antoni Shkraba/ Pexels


  • Removes harmful toxins in the air
  • Naturally improves humidity in the air
  • Easy To Maintain: Likes humidity- mist on a daily basis, low light area 
  • A significant benefit for those with dry skin in the winter
  • Buy Here

Peace Lily Plant. Lucas George Wendt/Pexels

Peace Lily

  • Filters the air in your home; helps you breathe easier
  • Removes airborne mold spores; reduces allergens
  • Blooms all year round with white flowers
  • Easy to Maintain- Low light tolerant
  • Leaves slump when watering is required; they perk up once watered (foolproof!)

Snake Plant. Fabian Stroobants/Pexels

Snake Plant

  • Filters indoor air even at night
  • Removes toxins and allergens in the home
  • Mental health booster
  • Easy to Maintain-Easy to grow, Low light, Light watering
  • Buy Here 


If you would like to purchase these plants locally, I would reccomend, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Home Depot. They always have a great selection of plants at reasonable prices. Also, check out your local nurseries they may have a variety of plants, and staff who can answer most of your questions.

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