Get To Know Me

Services and History

I established Elite Like You in response to the demand for a distinctive meditation experience. As a dedicated meditation teacher, with a fervor for mental health wellness, I offer personalized meditation sessions for individuals, groups, and children.

Drawing on my extensive 18-year background as a clinical social worker, specializing in young children and adolescents, my commitment to meditation and mental health is deeply rooted in passion.

People and Culture

As a Latina, meditation wasn't a part of my upbringing; in fact, I wasn't introduced to it until my twenties. The pandemic further solidified my appreciation for meditation as a coping mechanism amidst the uncertainties. To share my insights, I've crafted blog posts aimed at offering support during these challenging times.

If you're intrigued by the prospect of one of my sessions, I invite you to book an appointment. Your journey toward mental well-being awaits.

Wendy Frias

Founder / Meditation Teacher/Blogger


Westchester, NY